QODO purchase rules:

Taking into account that we sell intellectual property (IP) that can not be returned and/ or exchanged (source code, ideas, implementation, design) the return of IP is not possible and no refunds policy is applied.

The no-refund policy is also applicable to the following cases or similar to:
– “I don’t like functionality of application”
– “I did not know that you need to use a computer mac to develop applications for iOS”
– “I don’t have required expertise to deploy”
– “I made a purchase by mistake”
– “I don’t need this source code”
– “I’ve changed my attitude to the product”
– “I don’t have additional access to the code because I didn’t download it within allowed period of download and expiration of download time limit”. After purchase clients are required to download the product within 24 hrs.

Refund will not be any work studio, which the user has ordered and which includes:
– Customization of the script
– Adding or removing features of the application
– Set the server-side applications
– Configuring application
– Remote connection to the user for configuration script
– Work on the coloring scheme application
– Paid work studio support
– Payment for the extended user support

Terms of application development:
– The user is required before the start of work to make an advance payment of 100 per cent of the project cost .
– After completion of the work, the user must pay the remaining amount of the project no later than two days.
– User files are sent to the user only after full payment of the project no later than within two days.
– An advance payment for the project is non-refundable.
– The user has the right to request to view a demo application no earlier than 7 days.
– The total cost of the project is non-refundable, due to the fact that a digital product, it Intellectual property that does not have physical properties and can not be returned.
– Prepayment for the project can not be returned in full, as the development of the project has already spent some time studio staff.